What You Can Do to Develop More Women Small-Group Pastors

What You Can Do to Develop More Women Small-Group Pastors

Despite a plethora of female group leaders, few small-group pastors are women.
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Identify and Support Strong Female Leaders

The second step is to identify and support female leaders already in your faith community. When hiring a small-group pastor, consider female candidates. When identifying and developing lay leaders, consider women. If you're lacking female staff leaders, what women are serving as leaders in a lay capacity? How many women are serving as small-group leaders within your congregation? Identify those women and ask them how they think they can be supported in their role. Provide opportunities for training through conferences and webinars and connect them to resources on leadership development. If there are women leaders serving on staff, discern what can be done to support them in their role, such as professional training or seminary education.

Create Avenues to Leadership

Finally, the third step is to create visible, easily navigable avenues to leadership in your faith community. The path to leadership for women across cultures, across the globe, across industries, across denominations, and across individual faith communities is difficult—if not outright impossible—terrain to navigate. Many women aren't leading simply because they're not sure if leadership roles are open or possible for them. Once women are adequately represented on the staff and in lay leadership roles, your church can give women a vision for what God can do through their lives. And once they have a vision of what is possible, give women opportunities to develop their leadership.

—Halee Gray Scott, PhD, is an author and social researcher. She teaches seminary courses in spiritual formation, theology, and leadership. Halee blogs at www.hgscott.com.

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