My Small Group Meets in a Bar

My Small Group Meets in a Bar

How two men have created a small group for men who—let’s be honest—usually don’t like small groups
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We have a lot of men in our group who are going through some serious trials in life, and it's through the grace of God that they have a place to come and share and ask for prayer. This is a situation they only have because we're meeting in a way that makes them comfortable.

What have you learned over your four years doing this?

I've learned that my assumptions about people are almost always wrong. There have been so many people who come to our group who I've seen at church. After really getting to know them, I realize I was way off on my estimation of who they are. You never really know someone until you take the time together to get to know each other, and our small group has been a great facilitator for that.

Why do you think your small group has been so effective?

There is a true freedom of speech in our group. Almost nothing is off limits in terms of the discussion, and there is genuinely no judgment from others. The guys know they can say or bring up just about anything, and they don't need to feel awkward about it.

Do you have any advice for new small-group leaders looking to meet in unique locations?

Find a place you enjoy and go from there. Odds are, there are others who enjoy the same thing!

—Ashley Emmert is a writer and editor. You can find her at or on Twitter at @ashgemmert.

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