Connecting Newcomers

Connecting Newcomers

How to welcome people to your church and your small groups

We believe in the ministry of small groups and we want everyone to experience them—but it can be difficult to connect newcomers. This resource will train you to welcome people to your church and to your small groups. Included, you'll find devotionals, assessments, and nine how-to articles to not only welcome new people, but also connect them into small groups.

This Training Theme is designed to be used in a training event. Be sure to check out the Retreat Plan at the end to learn how to use this resource at your next leader training event.

To see a free sample from this resource, read The Crack in Your Small-Group Ministry.

Leader's Guide


No Charter for Comfort
Jesus commissioned the church to shake up the world.
By James D. Berkley

From Outsiders to Insiders
The basis is our common bond in Christ.
By Steven D. Matthewson


Welcome Check Up
How does your church measure up?
By Stephen C. Butler

How Welcoming Is Your Group?
10 questions to rate your group
Compiled by the editors of

Welcome People to Your Church

Willing to Commit
How to tap into the needs of newcomers
Interview with Reggie McNeal

Culture of Hospitality
Four ways to welcome visitors
By Merle Mees

Who Is Our Target?
Three questions to match your church strengths with the needs of visitors
By Wayne Schmidt

Welcome People to Your Groups

From Anonymity to Intimacy
How to make the intimacy of small groups less threatening to those looking for anonymity
By Len Woods

How to Funnel People into Your Groups
Move people from large group settings into small groups.
By Dan Lentz

The Crack in Your Small-Group Ministry
8 tips to ensure that everyone who signs up for small groups get connected
By Tony Hill

Adding New People to Existing Groups
Why you should consider this tactic
By Carolyn Taketa

Help Guests Feel Warm and Welcome
These helpful hints are useful for any small group.
By Reid Smith

Making Room for New Members
How to really help people feel welcome
By Peri Gilbert


Retreat Plan

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