Lead with the Power of Jesus

Lead with the Power of Jesus

The difference between living for Jesus and living with Jesus
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Living with Jesus

Living with Jesus is not just about us gaining a new experience of the Christian life. It includes something that happens in us, but it is a lot more than that. It is also something that happens through us.

As I walked the dirt road in Port-au-Prince, the key wasn't that I was focused on acquiring a new level of self-awareness or fulfillment—although that certainly was a powerful experience. Rather, more radically than is normal for me, I was tuned in to Jesus and the people I was serving. Everything I had to offer—physical strength, relationship with God, theological training, sense of humor, broken Creole—was in us, but in an other-focused way. I was aware of what I was thinking, doing, and feeling, but it was emphatically and refreshingly not about me. In that other-focused engagement, I found the presence of God.

To live with Jesus is to dwell in his presence, love others, and make shalom. As we follow him by obeying his leadings and taking on his character, he performs a miracle. He shines his own divine light through us. We come to fulfill Jesus' words that we are the light of the world and are here to let our light shine so others will glorify God (Matthew 5:14-16). God intends for his children to be luminous.

—T. David Beck. This article is taken from Luminous. Copyright 2013 by T. David Beck. Used by permission of InterVarsity Press.


1. How successful am I at being fully present with the people and situations in front of me, especially in ministry settings?
2. Am I a shalom-maker, or am I content to leave the world as it is? Why?
3. How other-focused is my ministry really? How well do I love the leaders or small-group members in my care?

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