Never Underestimate the Importance of a Good Party

The value of social gatherings in a small-groups ministry

Everyone loves parties. From little kids excited about a birthday party to young ladies all atwitter at bridal showers, everyone loves a party! Whether it's wedding receptions and anniversaries or tailgate gatherings, getting together with good friends and tasty food is a can't-miss recipe for fun.

Never underestimate the importance of a good party or social activity as a way to build your group. In the small groups at my home church, we learned we could easily double our regular small-group attendance with unchurched friends if the group members invited them to a party or two first.

Theme nights such as "I Hate Winter," "Thanksgiving Dinner," "Halloween Bonfire," and "Fifties Night" have been very successful for us. To gather a crowd, the key is to provide good food and play a few corny games. Unchurched people always have a good time, and are usually willing to listen intently as a few of our group members share their stories of how they came to a personal relationship with Jesus. Often, decisions are made for Christ at such gatherings—all because we had a party.

God Loves a Good Party

In the Bible, God went out of his way to tell his people that he wanted them to have parties on earth. These parties certainly weren't drunken orgies. They were fun gatherings consisting of good food, good friends, and good times (Deut. 14:22–26). God loves parties so much that he commanded his children to take time off work and faithfully enjoy godly parties together. He even ordained that the entire Jewish religious calendar be based on ten national parties, or "feasts."

Never underestimate the importance of a good party.

Jesus did his first miracle at a wedding party ...

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