Divorce—How Can We Minister Without Meddling?

A practical look at the boundaries of fellowship groups.
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Mike Mack is a co-founder of Smallgroups.com. He currently serves as the minister of small groups at Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Interested in learning more about difficult situations in small-group ministry? Check out these great training tools from Building Small Groups:

  • Dealing with Divorce in Your Small Group: The chances are good that either a couple or an individual in your small group will have to wrestle directly with divorce, which means the entire group will deal with it, as well. What should a small-group leader do to prepare for the impact of divorce on individuals, couples, and the group?
  • Shepherding People in Pain: Everyone experiences pain at different points in their lives, and as a small-group leader you will need to shepherd people who are suffering. Learn how to care for, listen to, and minister to people in pain.

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