Multiplying Values

Great Commission leaders must be influencing those "allotted to your charge" to become multiplying leaders who will at the same time develop a multiplying strategy to reach the world for Christ.

Cell Biology for the Church

Why small groups don't multiply

Finding New Small-Group Leaders

Does the search for Small-Group Leaders ever end?

Multiply Your Options

Emphasize discipleship of individuals over multiplication of groups.

Branching over Birthing: The Alternative to Splitting Up a Good Thing

For group birthing to work, it needs to be natural instead of prescribed.

Navigating Rough Waters

How to keep your small group from running aground.

Colliding with Love

Embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth and fellowship.

Living in the Messies

Principles that guided our small group as we navigated the rough and muddy waters of human life.

Leadership Team co-Members and Friends

Can they be the same people?

Bruised Camels and Their Money

Small group helps members shape their views about how to handle money.

The Symmetry of God’s Plan

Before you choose a model for small group ministry, you must establish what the end product should look like.

Moving to a Staff Coaching Model

For our church, lay coaching just didn't work.

10 Ways to Schedule Group Gatherings

Different groups, different purposes, different needs: ten schedules to help you choose what's right for your group.

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