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Opening the Bible for Seekers
Small groups that thoughtfully use Scripture can serve an evangelistic purpose.
Recruiting and Keeping Teachers
Recruiting is the holy act of helping others discover their leadership gifts.
Is the Church Driving a Wedge In Our Families?
An alternative to the segregated small group.
Family Friendly Small Groups
The small groups would seem to be the ideal place for families to come together.
Children and Community
The many ways to include children in your community life.
Alcoholics In The Church
The initiative of some church members led to amazing results.
Breaking and Entering
True friendships take time and commitment.
Grouping People Outside The Church
What if we trained leaders to start small groups among those who do not yet know Christ?
Change the World by Meeting People and Walking With Them
Spending time knowing others, and letting them into your life and fellowship, will show them God.
Asking Questions Like The Master Teacher
Use well thought out questions to make a lasting impact.
Beyond Prayer Requests
Groups should consider whether their requests line up with what God is doing.
Drawing Men Into Small Groups
Learn how to develop small groups that will be effective with men.
How to Lead a Small Group
Lead an effective discussion in your small group.
Bridge to a Place Called Home
How one ministry partners with churches to put the homeless back on their feet.
Top 10 questions you wish you asked before hosting a small group.
Disciple-Making Small Groups
Effective, disciple-making small groups marry mission and values.
Discipleship – When Fruit Gets in the Way
Is it really just that simple? Jesus said, “Go and make disciples," that is our goal.
Teaching Small Group Members How to Pray
There are people who want to pray in groups, but just don't know how.
Midsize groups and Small groups … Perfect Together!
Give the option for people to connect where they fit the best.
Cyber Pastors
The internet can be an important tool in the development of effectiveness in small-group ministry.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 74 Matches
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