Conducting Acts Of Hospitality

How to make serving the community an effective part of your ministry.


Top 10 worst potential slogans for the church's small group ministry.

Got Small Groups?

People naturally and automatically seek out relationships.

Small Groups Simply Don’t Work

Small groups are not a program, a growth strategy, or an alternative to Sunday School

The Goal is Not to Get People into Groups

We cannot presume that we are supposed to connect 100% of our congregation with other members of our congregation.

Why Don't More People Attend Small Groups?

Christ-followers need to grow in more areas than just fellowship.

Building Community

Why "funnel strategies” are incomplete

Questions: Icebreakers and Beyond

Ask good questions like Jesus.

Why We Let Small-Group Leaders Choose Their Members

Grouping people based on their affinity to each other can lead to strong, long-lasting groups.

American Idol

Top 10 signs your group has been watching way too much American Idol.

When a Plan Doesn’t Come Together

You can approach nearly any plan by looking at values, strategies, and tactics.

Stuff that Happens

There are common issues that happen in nearly every group, but there are ways to avoid them.

Missionally-focused vs. Need-based

People are not inspired to get involved when small groups are promoted as something that fills a personal need.

When Smaller Is Better

Sometimes issues arise in small groups that are best resolved by breaking into even smaller groups.

Survivor Kit

Top 10 items in your Small-Group Leader survival kit.

Why People's Stories Matter

Sharing life's imperfect stories deepens your fellowship and your walk with God.

Telling Stories To Build Community

Doctrine may spur constructive debate, but nothing stirs the heart like a story.

This is my Story…This is my Song!

When group members have struggled with life and trusted God, regardless of the outcome, a powerful testimony develops.

Building Community By Sharing Your Story

Telling life stories is one of the best ways to continually grow a group towards maturity in Christ.

Group Life as Sacramental

When Jesus inhabits the space that believers occupy together in His Name, the space changes and so do we.

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