Seeker Small Groups

Engaging spiritual seekers in life-changing discussions
A seeker small group is a community of non-Christians who gather regularly with one or two Christians to explore spiritual matters. Meeting at a variety of locations from homes or offices to restaurants or churches, the Christians organize and facilitate the discussions based on the seekers' spiritual questions and issues. The group leaders can be effective with or without the gift of evangelism, with or without formal apologetics training, and with or without much small group experience. No wonder this cutting-edge outreach tool is so vital and powerful.

Imagine this—you walk over to your next door neighbor's home and you and your spouse are greeted warmly and invited inside. Within a few minutes, the doorbell rings several times and each time one or two other neighbors join you. Refreshments are available and everyone is at ease, casually engaging in conversation. There is lots of laughter. At just the right time, you invite the group of eleven or twelve to join you in the living room and you begin an hour-long, highly interactive and invigorating discussion about spiritual issues. People are wrestling with their beliefs and comparing what they believe with what the Bible teaches.

Even though the participants do not all agree, there appears to be an overflow of respect and unconditional acceptance. It is obvious to you that most are not yet Christians. After the discussion time ends, many linger in the kitchen to continue their conversations. As people eventually leave, you are struck by their anticipation for the next meeting: "Looking forward to next time." "This was a blast." "I wouldn't miss these discussions for the world." "See you next time." As you say good-bye and leave, you and your spouse are amazed.

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