God's Physical Arms

The members of a woman's small group show exceptional care during a difficult time.

On an ordinary spring day, Andrea's husband came home with the news that he had lost his job. They had their lives planned for many years: they loved the area, their kids' school, the kids' youth programs, their ministry in the church, and their friendships at church. They'd had no intention of moving, but now they had three months to find something new. Three months! How could anyone find a new job so fast in a down economy?

Days later, Andrea's small group called a prayer time for her family. She was embarrassed and cancelled it. She didn't want to be the sole recipient of all their prayers; she was embarrassed to take time out of everyone's day just to pray for her. But the group pushed and pushed until she committed to a date and time.

When the group met, one member had put together a page-long list of items to pray for, including everything from a new job, to peace, to increased awareness of God's care, to finances. The list was humbling to read. They had thought of everything Andrea could possibly worry about or question as she faced the next few months. Andrea sensed God's gentle voice showing her that these people were his physical arms around her as her family faced their loss and looked ahead for new direction. Through these people, God would keep her afloat as she weathered the storm.

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