Your Small Group and Your Family

Your small group and your family are ministries that God has given you; use them together.

Have you ever stopped to examine the ministry pressures that compete for your time and attention? Without first identifying them and then setting Godly boundaries, all of us are pulled into stress and overload. Resting in the priorities that God has clearly laid out in His Word will give each one of us the confidence to reduce the competitiveness, focus in peace, and live as an example in our small group communities.

Sometimes when I speak at conferences or seminars, I ask people to write down the areas of ministry they are involved in and then prioritize them. Sadly, the majority of people never even list one of the most important ministries given to them in trust by their Heavenly Father. This is the ministry of family. The ministry of raising our sons and daughters (and even grandchildren) as children of the most high God.

So many parents and spouses feel "pulled" between the needs of their family and the needs of their small group. If God ordained us to lead a small group, He gave it as a gift to our families. There is nothing given by God that will damage children and families…no anointing, no position, and no ministry! He never intended there to be competition between the two. They are a gift, one to the other.

Why then do we so struggle with this tension? Why do we so often feel pulled in different directions? I believe this is for two main reasons:

First, there is a lack of application of God's Word and the commands throughout it. We are commanded to pass our faith on to our family (Psalm 78:1-8). This cannot be sidelined for other ministry. 1 Chronicles 9:23 says, "They and their sons had oversight of the house of the Lord." Similarly, Deuteronomy 29:29 says, "The secret things belong to God; the things revealed ...

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