Soulcare Survivor

God created each of us with soulcare needs that can only be met by love.

For three years now I have been an avid fan of the reality show "Survivor" on CBS. I look forward each season to watching 16 potential survivors outwit, outplay and outlast each other in their 39-day adventure. My favorite of the four so far was surviving in the Outback. I enjoy the dual challenge of human relationships along with the quest for food, water and shelter. I like it so much that I have applied to be on the show. I enjoy experiencing adventures that challenge me physically, mentally and socially. My confidence to take on this challenge is so strong that I just know I could win. Relationships & team building is what I do, plus "country boys can survive" as Hank Williams Jr. sings. However, as of yet the phone has not rung, but I wait with anticipation that the invitation will come.

And yet another invitation beckons me daily, to be a "soul survivor." What is "soul survivor?" A challenge that tests my spiritual fervor and stamina? Or one that challenges me to get "in touch" with my soul, to live at a more intimate level with God and others? What would that challenge look like? And would I survive? As a small group leader, I am expected to "survive" the care of the souls of those I lead. In fact that is what many of us who lead small groups do. We help save, convert, and disciple the souls of others. But what about our own souls? As leaders (I know from personal experience) we constantly battle the challenge of living a balanced life of "doing" and "being." We are doers. We get things done, period. Yet in many of our churches, we are ok with that. No one asks about the soul of the leader. We are comfortable with Bible study, ministry to others, and the mission of the church to "save souls." But once souls are saved, ...

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