Coaching Tools

A sample minimal coaching plan, coaching check-up, and coaching appointment checklist

A Sample Minimal Coaching Plan:

Everybody has plenty of ideas about what a small group coach should and shouldn't do (some of them quite detailed). And most coaches themselves have more than enough "good intentions."

And yet anybody who's ever served in the church knows that life gets crazy and even the best plans get derailed. Rather than beat yourself up for failing to carry out elaborate small group coaching goals, how about embracing this easy-to-carry-out plan?

It's pretty minimal, but it's a good start and a foundation you can build upon, once you've developed the coaching habit.


Pray! for the leaders under your care (e.g. pray for three leaders at 3 p.m. for three minutes)


Touch Base! talk with your leaders (e.g. phone consults, pray over the phone, emails, encouragement, see & grab at church, etc.)


Meet & Equip! gather with your leaders individually or huddle all together (e.g. breakfast, lunch, spousal dinner, prayer time, planning meeting w/ apprentices, train in some aspect of group leadership, hold accountable)


Visit! attend each leader's group meeting and evaluate


Celebrate! (e.g. throw a party in response to what God has done: salvations; growth; raising up of new leaders; acts of service; people being assimilated, people using gifts; birthing of new groups, etc.)"

A Coaching Check-Up:

Questions Small Group Coaches Need to Ask Themselves Every 30 Days

- How well have I listened to the leaders under my care?

- Have a done a good job of celebrating victories with my leaders?

- How (specifically) have I demonstrated personal care/concern?

- Do I have a strategic plan for where each of my leaders needs to go and grow?

- What am I doing specifically to help my leaders develop in knowledge, ...

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