Sean Brakey on What Churches Can Learn From Airbnb

The value of simple gatherings.
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What should the church look like today? Sean Brakey, Pastor and Elder at We Are Church argues that if you can run an Airbnb, you can probably run a church too. That’s why “simple gatherings,” the sixth core practice of We Are Church is so important for making disciples. This allows for laypeople to rise up, and serve in leadership roles.

“We want to paint a picture for the church – that it can look more like Airbnb – such that we can take these godly, faithful, humble, Christ exalting people and they can lead in the church. So there’s an intentional simplicity.”

Francis Chan started We Are Church eight years ago in San Francisco, CA and now there are 200 people involved. When asked about church planting, Sean emphasized the importance of pursuing faithfulness, rather than specific numbers for attendance. His church (that he runs alongside Rob Zabala, and Francis Chan) five values are: devoted worshipers, loving families, equipped disciple-makers, spirit-filled missionaries and suffering sojourners.

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