Advent: Reorienting How We Live in Time

Longing for Christ's return in Advent and beyond.
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How can celebrating Advent shape our desires this year? In part two of this conversation, Oliver Hersey talks to Dr. Paul Gutacker, Executive Director of the Brazos Fellows, a theology fellowship for college graduates in Waco, Texas. They explore how celebrating Advent can bring hope to the tense atmosphere of 2020. They also discuss how millenials feel about church today, and the importance of being embodied creatures who need other people.

Paul said “I think recovering these seasons is a great idea for groups. I think inviting people, especially into Advent; inviting people in 2020 - when there's so much confusion, so much anger, so much false hope being put on any number of things that we can't put our hope in. Let't really long for a month for Christ's return. Let's look to it."

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Produced by Kelsey Bowse, edited by Alex Carter

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