Women's Ministry 101: Checking Your Emotional Baggage with Leah Darrow

A Samaritan woman models emotional vulnerability.
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What can we learn from the Samaritan Woman at the Well? She was honest with herself and with Jesus, about her sin before she spread the gospel.

In this episode, Oliver Hersey is joined by Leah Darrow, author of “The Other Side of Beauty” and Kelsey Collister, who produces this podcast. Leah walks us through John 4, where Jesus encounters the Woman at the Well.

Leah pointed out vs. 4 “And he had to pass through Samaria.”

She said “What I love about this, is that this is the mission of God the Father. You are the mission of God the Father. Sometimes we can feel so forgotten in this world.”

She drew attention to the fact that, in order for ministry leaders to disciple others, they have to have hard conversations with them. What can we learn from Jesus about how he questions the Woman at the Well? Leah said “Jesus poses questions to us, just like he does for the Samaritan woman in which he is the answer.”


Take us through the contours of the story (Jn. 4) a little bit. Perhaps you can also share why it’s been on your heart so much lately. [5:00 – 15.29]

How can people encounter Jesus in a way that moves them to turn away from sin and leave everything else behind, and follow him? [15.30 – 22.15]

Woman can be emotionally vulnerable easier than men can be. Why do you think that is? Is there anything you would say right now to encourage men to allow themselves to be vulnerable? What would it look like? [22.16 – 25.35]

Do you think vulnerability involves being comfortable, to the point where we can just live in our own skin, regardless of how weak or shameful we feel for what we’ve done? [25.36 – 27.54]

Women are so hard on each other, even in Christian settings, to a fault. I know that you point out “women are called to contribution, not competition.” How do you think women can move beyond this competitive mindset? How did you start to see women in a new light? [27.55 – 36.55]

Can you share with us the moment you discovered Mother Teresa’s work, and how she became an inspiration to you? [36.56 – 43.13]

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