Discovering "The Why" For Your Small Group Ministry

Why context, connection, and purpose matter for making disciples.
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What is your ministry context for small groups? Depending on your church, and the cultural norms where you live, small groups will look different. In this episode, Oliver Hersey and Bill Search, contributors at talk about types of small groups, and what elements make up a healthy small group.

Bill said “Almost all of them (small groups) have emphasis on relationships, some sort of emphasis on spiritual growth, Bible study and somewhere woven in is an outward perspective, whether it’s praying for people, or serving as a group.”

For some pastors, safety is major concern in planning logistics for small group ministry. A pastor from Nairobi, Kenya said “In the evening it’s not safe for people to be out on certain streets in certain areas. So having an evening small group isn’t going to work for us. What do you recommend?”

Oliver pointed to groups like Celebrate Recovery, and Alpha – for new people in the church who need a foundation for their faith. He said “We’re creating these Alpha groups – that are really discussion based groups, safe places for people to explore faith.

Check out what was referenced on the podcast:

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