God Is Like . . .

Use common objects to explain God's character.

During this time of worship your group is going to uniquely give praise to God for who he is and what he does in our lives. Encourage everyone to participate but be sure that if you have an unbeliever in your group that you make it known that anyone can pass if they so choose.

1. Gather a number of objects from your home and garage. here is a list but it is not exhaustive; be creative and add to it.

-White out
-Pen or pencil
-Sticky notes
-Finger nail file
-Food strainer
-Floppy disk
-Garbage sack
-T.V. remote control

2. Put all these items in a big basket or on a platter.

3. Pass the items and tell your members to pick one.

4. Explain that what they each need to do is tell the group how God is like the item that they chose. For example: "God is like this white out in that he sees all my mistakes and one by one covers them in forgiveness. Those sins are gone forever, as if they never were."

5. After each person finishes their description have the group respond together, "Thanks God," and then move on to the next person.

6. While your group is talking, take a few notes on what they are saying. After everyone has had an opportunity to share their explanation lead in a prayer of praise repeating what God is like according to their descriptions.

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