The group takes turns finding opposites to a specific word until someone is stumped.

Write the following words on small strips of paper; one word per paper. Fold them in half. Pass out one word per person and tell them not to look at the word until it is their turn. Give your group members these instructions.

  • This is a game of opposites.
  • We are going to take turns, one person at a time opening his/her word.
  • As soon as you open your word you need to give an opposite word.
  • Next, the person on your right must give an opposite to the word you gave.
  • Then the person on his/her right must give an opposite to that word.
  • You can not use the same word twice and encourage them to think outside of the box. (For example: The first person opens his word and it is "black," so he replies, "white." The person on his right now says, "dark." And then the person on that person's right says, "light." )
  • The play continues until someone is stumped.
  • Then go back to the person that still has his/her unused word and start over.

Words: good, heaven, left, nice, work, give, night, no, smart, yes, cold, talk, hate, grace, new, alive, pain, die

When you are finished, wrap up the game by simply making the observation that our walk with the Lord often looks just the opposite of those who don't know Christ. We sometimes have to make totally different choices in this life because of our relationship with God. When someone slights us we choose love instead of hatred. When someone judges us we choose to extend grace. When someone feels they have hit the bottom and their lives are over, we can tell them about a God of new beginnings.

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