Fiction Mirrors Reality

Reflecting on movies and TV shows

What movie or TV show best describes your life so far? Which one do you hope describes your life moving forward?

Leader note: This is a tougher question that will push people to think a bit deeper, so use it after a group has gotten to know each other and is more comfortable being authentic. It can work well for discussions about the trajectory of life, how God wants to be at work in our lives, and discipleship. It gives people the opportunity to share something fun or humorous (I’ve heard people answer Dumb and Dumber), something they aspire toward (e.g., make an impact on the world like Blindside or Invictus, or be able to do life with good friends like Friends), or something more vulnerable about how life has been hard. If people say they can’t come up with an answer, gently push them to think of something because it’s an important exercise to view the big picture of our lives introspectively.

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