Following Jesus Into the Arts

Following Jesus Into the Arts

Bringing real light to the lights of Hollywood

Hollywood and Christians have historically opposed each other, going toe-to-toe in battles over traditional values, ethics, and more. Yet Hollywood has the power to shape culture, whether we admit it or not. And that is a big part of what Christ-followers are called to do: be culture-shapers. So how do we learn to engage in our culture in meaningful and relevant ways that help us reshape it and help people find God in these stories?

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Scripture: Luke 10:25-37; John 17:13-18; Acts 17:16-34

Leader's Guide

Identify the Current Issue

Discover the Eternal Principles

-Teaching point one: Our God is the God of creativity and imagination, and he calls us to use creativity and imagination to engage others.

-Teaching point two: God calls us to engage with the culture around us—not hide from it.

-Teaching point three: God calls us not merely to be culture-followers or culture-opposers, but culture-shapers.

Apply Your Findings

Based on: "Why We Lost the Marriage Plot," Christianity Today, November 2014

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