Top 10 Bible Studies for Small Groups of 2018

Top 10 Bible Studies for Small Groups of 2018

This year’s most popular bible studies for small groups
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7. Racism: How Should Christians Respond?
Our faith must inform the way we think and act about this ongoing issue.

Decades after the Civil Rights Movement, America is still dealing with racism. The topic of race fills news headlines, city streets, and even pulpits. Recognizing the centuries-old mistreatment of minority groups, how should Christians respond to racism? Is it possible to respond in sensitive ways that actually make a difference?

8. Marriage Bible Study Bundle
Learn to seek God together and grow in love and commitment.

Marriage is full of opportunities for joy and pain. Learning to love well and glorify God through the marriage relationship is a challenge worth taking on each day. Couples can't face these challenges on their own and win. Taking time to study what the Bible has to say about money, communication, sex, and more will help husbands and wives form a strong foundation and grow. Seeking God together provides love and support to build a healthy marriage.

9. 1 Corinthians: Basic Christian Living
Bringing Christian living back to the basics.

When Paul wrote to the Corinthians, he knew they needed to be instructed in the basics: loving one another, honoring God, worship, and more. Christians today need these instructions too! This 7-session study on 1 Corinthians will teaches on why believers go to church, how to use our bodies to honor God, how to find unity in diversity, how to love, serve, and worship together, and how to face death.

10. Bible Study Basics: Ephesians
Find out what it looks like to live as one of God's adopted children.

In a time when so many people struggle with identity, Ephesians is the perfect book of the Bible to study. Paul makes it clear: Our identity is found in the fact that we are children of God, adopted into his family, and we're to live as children of light in a dark world. Ephesians reminds believers of all Christ has done to reconcile us to himself and what that means for how we should live. It provides practical instructions for relationships that honor God.

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