Build Your Team

Build Your Team

Identify the key roles your small-group ministry team needs.
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  • They work with other leaders as a team, shedding the expectation they have to be the super-star leader with all the gifts. Instead, they have found leaders with strengths and gifts that complement their own. In this setting, they have learned to defer to others who have insight and gifts in areas they do not.

Signs of a Good Fit

When considering those who would be effective members of this team, including any volunteers you may ask to join, consider the following:

Position Power: Are enough key players on board, especially key leaders, so that effective progress can be made?

Expertise: Is diversity of thought represented to allow informed, intelligent decisions to be made?

Credibility: Does the group consist of a sufficient number of people with solid reputations so its proposals will be taken seriously by others?

Leadership: Does the group include enough proven leaders to be able to facilitate the change proces?

Humility: Do the group members demonstrate the ability to submit to one another?

Availability: Do the members have the available time to commit to this process?

Aptitude: Do the members have a propensity to work on the small-group ministry, and think critically about the big picture strategy and future development?

Prayer Life: Do the members have a passionate prayer life, and love for God?

The Difference a Team Makes

Just as there are no perfect people, there are no perfect teams. You might think leading the small-group ministry in your church is easier to do by yourself―and you might be correct. The goal, however, is not efficiency or productivity. The goal of this team is to make space with one another so that God can form you as leaders to be the kinds of people who have the character of community and mission, causing your groups to flourish. Working together as a team to oversee groups is not merely about developing a strategy. While strategy development is part of it, we cannot miss the fact God is using your team to shape you to be the kind of people who can model God’s way of leading for others to follow. After all, people follow what they observe, not what they are told.

—Scott Boren is the author of several books. This article is an excerpt from Grouping the Church in the Way of Jesus. Secure you free e-book copy today:

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