Should We Structure for Rapid or Controlled Growth?

Should We Structure for Rapid or Controlled Growth?

Both models can bring incredible growth—if you choose the right one for your church.
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  • What defines success for us: more people connected quickly, or more people discipled deeply?
  • Which set of problems is our church best suited to address?
  • Which set of problems do I as the point person prefer?
  • Which set of problems does my pastor prefer?

The key to answering these questions is knowing your church culture and goals, understanding the personality of your senior leader, and having self-awareness. One of the biggest issues related to conflicts around ministry strategy is the issue of misalignment that could have been avoided by simple awareness. If the church, the senior leaders, and the small-group pastor are all in alignment about strategy, success is likely. Both strategies can lead to success—you just have to choose the one that’s right for your context.

—Alan Danielson is the Senior Pastor of New Life Bible Church in Norman, Oklahoma.

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