The Four-Step Discussion Method that Works for Any Study

The Four-Step Discussion Method that Works for Any Study

This simple small-group format teaches disciples to obey God.
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Experiment. Like any new strategy, it takes a while to learn the principles and to discover what works best in your setting. Experiment as you go along and find what works best for your context.

Wait. It takes considerable time to learn the principles, apply them, and see results. Although over time, DMM groups have seen millions come to Christ, it's actually a "mustard seed" strategy—something which starts tiny but in the long run becomes very big (Matthew 13:31-32). It goes slow at first, so that later things can move fast. It focuses on a few initially because the goal in the end is to reach many. Be patient.

—Jim Egli is a small-group leader, researcher, and writer. He has authored more than a dozen books on evangelism, small groups, and discipleship. He has a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from Regent University. To learn about his latest research, learnings and discoveries, visit his blog at To learn more about DMM groups, read Contagious Disciple-Making by David and Paul Watson.

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