Do Your Group Members Read the Bible?

Do Your Group Members Read the Bible?

Probably not. But you can help.
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It all started with letting God's Word speak directly to us, being open to tangents, and allowing group members to wrestle with what they were reading. It's easier to watch a skilled teacher dissect a passage. It's simpler to answer four questions from a discussion guide. But wrestling with God's Word allows the Spirit to move our hearts and change us from the inside out.

And it's not just Bible studies that drive group members to the Word. In a missional small group I'm part of, for instance, I'm constantly turning to God's Word for wisdom. What does the Bible say about justice? What does it say about loving those on the margins? How does God want us to reach out to those far from him? Living on mission with my small group drives me to the Bible more than anything else.

Are you helping your group members wrestle with the Word? Are your group experiences encouraging group members to run to Scripture for God's wisdom? Though the statistics on biblical literacy are grim, small groups can make a difference. I know they've made a difference in my life. Together we can read God's Word, learn to understand it, and hold each other accountable to live it out.

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