5 Ways to Invest in Your Small-Group Ministry This Summer

5 Ways to Invest in Your Small-Group Ministry This Summer

Now is the time to build up your ministry for a strong fall launch.
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During these summer months, I encourage you to pray heartily for your ministry. Pray for your current leaders and groups. Pray for potential leaders to rise up and for your ability to identify them. Pray for the new people who will come to your church this fall and seek out small groups. Pray that the Spirit will move, that lives will be changed, and that more and more people will be connected in biblical community. More than anything, give your ministry over to God and ask how you can best steward his ministry.

5. Connect with potential leaders.

While you're praying for potential leaders, start making a list of people who come to mind. Ask the leaders in your ministry to do the same. Think about it: Who cares deeply for others and invests in relationships? Who displays empathy when others share struggles? Who is especially faithful? Who is committed to your ministry vision? Who is eager to learn?

Find the right questions to ask in this article on identifying leaders. You'll discover the right kinds of people to look for. When you do find someone, make the ask. Make it clear that you're asking this person specifically, and not just anyone you run into. Let the person know why you think he or she would make a great group leader or coach. Then work out a plan to develop your potential leaders over the summer so they're ready for fall.

—Amy Jackson is managing editor of SmallGroups.com.

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