5 Ways to Develop Your Leaders This Summer

5 Ways to Develop Your Leaders This Summer

Take advantage of the slower pace to thank your leaders and prepare them for fall.
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Whether you hold training sessions or simply send out training, the best topics are those that your leaders bring up themselves. That said, there are several key topics that come up in most ministries:

Conquer Common Meeting Problems
Say goodbye to low attendance, bad studies, childcare issues, shallow relationships, and more.

Develop Real Relationships
Intentionally build the relationships in your group.

Find the Right Study for Your Group
Practical tips so you'll never dread finding a study again

Leading 101
The basics of leading a small group

Ministering to Difficult Group Members
How to effectively lead a group without letting members' quirks get you off track

5. Throw a launch party.

Before fall hits, invest in your leaders by throwing a launch party for your ministry. A few weeks before you begin pushing small groups, gather all your leaders together for a few hours. Use the time to cast vision for the ministry year, clearly state your expectations, pray for the Spirit to move, and get everyone excited for a new year of group ministry. Make it festive with food and decorations.

It might also be fun to have a theme like "Deep Roots" and keep the decorations related (think trees and plants). You could even provide a small trinket for leaders—like a seed packet or a keychain with a tree on it—to remind them to pray for small groups throughout the year. Get creative and make it fun, but more than anything, make it clear that you deeply appreciate your leaders, and you're rooting them on! (No pun intended.)

—Amy Jackson is managing editor of SmallGroups.com.

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