Understanding Servant Leadership

Understanding Servant Leadership

How do those two words go together?
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Imagine if small-group leaders mobilize their groups, get everything lined up, show up, and pray—but then don't participate in the event, choosing instead to walk around monitoring their groups. Such behavior would miss the point entirely, essentially transforming the group leaders into operational supervisors.

But when group leaders roll up their sleeves and participate in the tasks, they are living out their service. Furthermore, there are some leaders who recognize that administration and organization are not their gifting, which allows them to delegate those tasks to someone else in the group, making those people part of the leadership team.

The point is: your people are watching. They are asking themselves, "Will this leader do what I have been asked to do? Are they willing to get their hands dirty? Is their first reaction to direct or to serve?"

So, how will Jesus' teaching in Mark 9 impact the way you live and lead? What is your motivation and style for leading? Is it to finally get things the way you want, or to seek retribution from a previous hurt? Or is it to live and serve as an example worth following?

—Josh Rose is the Minister to Adults at The Community of Promise in Burleson, TX. You can read more from Josh at www.joshmrose.net.

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