Finding the Time to Pray

Because group members should never feel rushed or starved when it comes to prayer.
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Pray First

You may feel a little awkward, but one way to solve the "no time to pray" problem is simply to pray first. Again, you'll need to set some limits or you'll spend the entire meeting sharing and praying, which will cut out other things. But if you combine this with one or more of the other ideas in this article, you'll find that you not only have time for everything, but also that your prayer time is refreshed and renewed.

Keep a Prayer Diary

Be sure to keep a prayer diary. Include the date of the original request, the requester, the request itself, and the date answered. As Ronald Klug affirms in How to Keep a Spiritual Journal, "This is not a way of keeping score on God; it is a method of strengthening one's faith." It's exciting to look back periodically and see just how many prayers God has answered. Sometimes we lose sight of his faithfulness as we continue adding to the list of needs.

—Pat J. Sikora is founder of Mighty Oak Ministries and author of Why Didn't You Warn Me? How to Deal with Challenging Group Members. Copyright 2010 by the author and Christianity Today International.

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