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How to Build a Group-Life Calendar

How to Build a Group-Life Calendar

And why it's more important than you may think.

The Top 10 Mistakes Small-Group Leaders Make (Part 1)

Learn how to avoid and overcome them for the benefit of your group.

Twittering Jesus

Social media provides a number of useful tools to small groups and small-group leaders.

A Body with No Head

Have churches and small groups replaced the incomparable Christ with something safer and smaller?

Finding the Time to Pray

Because group members should never feel rushed or starved when it comes to prayer.

How to Re-Start Your Small Group

Believe it or not, Ctrl + Alt + Delete works in ministry, as well.

Failure to Launch

Common mistakes that promote lethargy and closure in small-group ministries

When Children Behave Badly

Important tips and principles for disciplining children in a small group

Faulty Assumptions about Intergenerational Groups

Why don't we see more "full family" small groups?

How to Pray for One Another

Learn how to set the tone, encourage appropriate sharing, and manage the time.

The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

What to do when one or more of your group members is a little odd

A Warning to Small-Group Leaders

Beware of several bad habits that can knock you off track.

The Benefits of Small Groups in Smaller Churches

Exploring the power of accountability, forward momentum, and missional identity

Small Groups and Reality TV

What bad television can teach us about good community

The Hidden Danger of Broken Relationships

Not getting relationships right can prevent God's supernatural activity.

Small Groups as Community

Here is a deeper look at what it really means to live as "community."

An Audience of One

Here's why it can be so hard to pray together as a small group.

Introverts in the 'Imago Dei?'

Our churches often confuse sociability for spirituality.

All Different Parts

Utilizing the Body of Christ in your small group

The Plague of Gossip in the Body of Christ

Match yourself with the Bible's standard when it comes to slander and gossip.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 77 11 Matches
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