Leaving a Spiritual Legacy

Making a lasting impact requires close relationships.

Confessions of a small-group leader

Learn how to avoid some dangerous leadership pitfalls.

Five Small Group Myths

Have realistic expectations about what small groups will be like.

Do You Have Great Expectations?

Expecting God to work is most important piece of seeing him work.

The Greening of a Discussion Leader

Lead an engaging discussion in any setting.

Developing Mission Communities

Develop small groups that will support each other and go together into serving the world.

How to Have a Prayer Vigil

Practical ways to make a prayer vigil a success.

Community: The Wellspring of Spiritual Disciplines

A list of key spiritual disciplines that can be exercised in community, result in life-transformation, and keep your small groups and church on mission.


Transformational small group disciplines


An email small group can be a great solution for those too busy for another meeting.

Spotting a New Leader

Ten ways to identify a promising person to take on guidance of small-group ministry.

Nine Ways to Support Your Support Group

Support groups are an essential part of your church's ministry in a world full of hurt.

Starting Over

re-launching a small group ministry with finesse.

Restoring Life to Small Group Ministry

Taking the right steps, in the right order, can resuscitate a fading small group ministry.


Ask the right questions before you begin or relaunch your small group ministry.

Chronic Jump-start Syndrome

Is your church stuck in the cycle of relaunching small groups?

When Divorce Visits Your Small Group

What to do in the likely event of a marital crisis

Get the Most Out of Leaders Meetings

Follow these steps to lead meaningful and effective leaders meetings.

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