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The Unrepentant Person

What to do if a group member is obviously living in sin.


Top 10 worst childcare ideas.

Preparing for Outreach through Evangelism-Based Prayer

Some prayer-evangelism tools you can use before your next service project

Ideas for Reaching Out

Some tangible works you can do to serve your neighbors for Christ.

The Ride Home

Top 10 things that make for a "great" ride home with your spouse.

What I learned at Willow Creek's Small Groups Conference

The title of this article is all wrong.

Time to Move

Top 10 reasons to stop meeting at your host's home.

How to Grow an Apprentice

10 skills that will help in apprentice training.

The Pastor's Coming

Top 10 reasons the pastor is visiting your small group tonight.

Charting the Journey

Each small group goes through stages of development—here's what you can expect.

Going to Seed

The life-cycle of a group means it will eventually go to seed, which can be a great ministry opportunity.

Top Ten

Top 10 ideas for future Top Ten lists.

Be a Missionary…In Your Small Group

Who do you know who is still harassed and helpless , like sheep without a shepherd?

Three Keys Open the Door to Small Groups

Small group mission can be summed up in three concepts: root, one another, and walk.

Stop the Discussion

Top 10 ways to bring the discussion to a screeching halt.

The Apostle Paul's Small Group Seminar

Paul's expert convictions about small group ministry.

The Purpose of Small Groups

Why do we have small groups? What are we trying to accomplish?

Letting Jesus Lead

Your cell group is literally the body of Christ.

Becoming People of Purpose

Writing a personal mission statement can help you, and your group, be purposeful in living for Christ.
Displaying 21 – 39 of 39 11 Matches
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