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Top Ten 2

Top 10 ideas for future Top Ten lists, part 2.

Small Group Missions Here and Now

We in the small group movement have an incredible opportunity to practice missions right here in the U.S.

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

There are many people groups and sub-cultures right around us that we can invite into our group life.

Make Disciples of All Cultures

What will it take for our churches to become disciple-making churches?
A Christmas Gift of Love

A Christmas Gift of Love

With an empty pocket book but a full heart, I began to think of what I could give those I love during the Christmas season.

The Empty Chair

Top 10 alternative uses for the empty chair.

Teaching for Life Change

Develop a purposeful strategy for encouraging spiritual growth among your members.

Small Groups—Dead or Alive

To realize that your group is dead, you must first know what it looks like to be alive.

Moving from Teaching to Obedience

Leaders must live a life worth imitating.

Hearing and Obeying

Steps towards emphasizing Godly obedience rather than just biblical knowledge.


Top 10 ways to incorporate your leader's hobbies into small group meetings

Leading Long-Term Groups to Change

Leading change in groups that are rooted can be difficult, but it's all about relationships.

Reviving Your Small Group

If you feel your small group has gone stale, here are some ideas to spice things up.

Duct Tape

Top 10 uses for duct tape at your meeting.

Core Values

Your relational core values can encourage your small group to not just become disciples, but disciple makers.

Honest to God and Others

Creating entryways into your life will encourage honesty among your group.

Hanging Out and Reaching Out

Having fun outside of group time can bond your small group together.


Top 10 ways technology is changing your group.

Digging Deeper

A bruised palm—allowing God to be enough.

Emotional Dependency in Cells

How to identify and break the bondage of dependent relationships.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 39 11 Matches
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