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Dealing with Miscarriage Loss

Advice on how to comfort a couple that has suffered a miscarriage, and what not to do.

When It's Time for a Professional

Sometimes people in your group need more than you're able to give.

More Training, Please

Top 10 signs that your leader could use a little extra training in some areas!

Expert Advice

The Small Group gurus answer questions about small groups and revival.

Wesley's "Methods" for Revival

We could spur revival again, if we follow Wesley's emphasis on holiness and accountability.

The Coming Revival

Every great revival starts with prayer.

The ACTS of Revival in Our Group

How to pray for revival.

Coaching that Works

A good coaching system can mean the difference between success and failure in your small groups.

Beyond the Tyranny of the Urgent

With so much to be done, don't forget to take the time to develop future leaders.

Virus Eats Leaders, Kills Cells

How to avoid the plague of the "intern."

Fresh Ideas for Systematic Ongoing Training

If you want your leaders to continue growing, you need to provide them with a support network.

How to Build an Apprentice

Jesus provides our best model for developing apprentices.
Displaying 41 – 52 of 52 11 Matches
Page:12 3

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