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The Friendly Group
Top 10 ways to make your group more friendly.
Ministering to the Ministers
The important role of caring for your cell leaders
Motivated to Lead
Keys to having greater vision, spiritual health and fruitfulness in small groups
The Qualities of a Leader
There are four basic qualities that every leader must have.
Between the Small Group Meetings
Many of us take on too much and get burnt out; here are some responsibilities you shouldn't be taking on.
Becoming More Obedient to God's Word . . . Not Just Smarter
The big difference between large-group gatherings and a small group is accountability.
What a Small Group is NOT
We have an idea of what a small group is, but sometimes we fall into patterns of what a small group shouldn't be.
Homework for Adults
Most of us don't like homework, but it can be fun and beneficial in our small groups.
Memorizing Scripture
Three methods to make memorization easier.
Bringing Your Bible Study to Life
How group role playing can change the way we view Bible stories.
Worst Topical Bible Studies
Top 10 worst ideas for a topical Bible study.
Crank Up the Contrast!
Unbelievers won't change if they can't see a difference in you.
Fishing Together
A dynamic approach to reaching unbelievers through your small group.
Birthing Groups
Top 10 lame reasons for not multiplying (birthing) the group.
Worship in the Cell Church
What does true worship look like?
Leading Worship in Small Groups
Nervous about leading worship? Here are some tips to make it easier.
Small-Group Leaders Who Make a Difference
If you're considering becoming a Small-Group Leader, look to the people who've made an impact on your life for guidance.
Changing for the Better
Are your small group members being transformed by the Bible?
Are the People in Your Group Being Informed or Transformed?
I can look into God's word many times a week, but these things will be forgotten if I'm not transformed into Christlikeness as a result.
Portfolio of Promises
By recording how the Lord speaks through His Word in the midst of specific circumstances, a Christian acquires a permanent record of God's faithfulness.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 52 Matches
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