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Restart Right!

A few ideas to restart your group with excitement!

Star Wars

Top 10 signs that your group is more interested in Star Wars than Bible study.

Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

It's easy to fall into these traps.

Leadership Material?

Could YOU lead a small group?

Don't Lose Control of Your Group, Recovenant!

Revisiting your group covenant can ensure that needs continue to be met.

When it's Time to Confront

We are called to encourage each other towards righteousness, but confrontation is never an easy situation.

Chronic Lateness

Three practical cures for a common small-group ailment

Get Your Group to Loosen Up

Humor can help bring your group closer, and reveal biblical truths.

Blah Busters

Ways to switch up your study when the blahs strike.

Breaking Down Barriers

Promote intimacy within your group.


Top 10 group leader tax exemptions.

Testimonies from Your Home Group

Small groups and my spiritual pilgrimage

Touching the Heart of the True Shepherd

Loving God through prayer will lead to stronger, healthier groups, and draw unbelievers towards God.

Praying the Night Away

Different ways that you can spend time with your group in prayer.

Twelve Ideas for Conversational Prayer

Ideas to keep your prayer time fresh and meaningful.

Prayer Power

Group prayer is powerful; don't let it become dry and meaningless.

Two More Ways to Pray

Ideas for making prayer more tangible and interesting to those in your group.

Dog Days

Top 10 things your dog is thinking during small group.

When Extra Grace is Needed

Most small groups have one very needy person; here's some advice on how to handle the situation.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 52 11 Matches
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