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Too Many People

When a group grows too large for all of the members to talk, what should the leader do?

The King Is Alive

Top 10 things Elvis would say if he showed up at your group.

In Our Own Backyards

During the summer, we took the gospel to people in our own backyards—literally.

Make Your Cell Meeting Visitor-Friendly

Make a visitor's first time at your cell group as comfortable as possible.

Cures for a Shrinking Group

When your group number goes down, should you disband or revamp?

How to Invite Someone to Your Small Group

These steps will make it easier to invite your friends to small group.

God's Invited Guests

Do you remember the first time you were invited to a small group?

The Art of Invitation

Not sure how to invite people to your group? Here are some tips.

April Fools!

Top 10 April Fools' Day jokes to play on your group.

Recruitment Skit

A skit you can do during service to encourage people to join small groups.

Do We Need a Small Group "Program"?

If small groups are more like organisms than organizations, why do we need a program?

Discovering your Oikos

Identify your sphere of influence

The Leader's Mission

If you are too busy to spend time with God, you are too busy!

Well, What is our Course?

If your group feels aimless, you may want to consider your mission.

Sweet 16

Top 10 excuses for canceling your group because your favorite football team is playing.

How Can We Minister without Meddling?

When group members are seriously hurting, where is the line between supporting and intruding?

For Crying Out Loud

You are leading your Bible study one evening when a member suddenly starts crying—what do you do?

What to Do When No One Shows

Planning ahead can ensure that you're not the only one who shows up for the meeting.

Ten Things I'd Do Differently

Ten things I'd do differently if I were starting to transition today.

Evangelism Projects

Top 10 worst servant evangelism projects for your group.
Displaying 41 – 60 of 69 11 Matches
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