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You're Just Not Ready
Top 10 ways to know for sure your apprentice/intern isn't ready to lead on their own.
Recovery Groups: Panacea or Pandemonium?
How is a Christian supposed to approach recovery groups?
Focus on Recovery
Recovery ministries can be an excellent outreach to the community.
Nine Ways to Support Your Support Group
Starting a support group isn't as intimidating as it sounds.
On the Road of Recovery
How a group helped me heal my wounds.
Reach Out With Recovery
Recovery groups are powerful tools for meeting needs.
What the Best Recovery Group Leaders Know
Ten principles for successful recovery groups.
The Quiet Person
Top 10 worst ways to get that quiet person to talk.
New Year, New Goals
The new year is the perfect time for small group goal setting.
Caroling and Candy Canes
Help spread the word for your church's holiday service.
Getting to the Neighbors
Top 10 ways to alienate your host's neighbors.
Breaking Up Hard Soil
Advice for how to meet neighbors in an unfriendly area.
The Lighthouse
How a lighthouse event transformed Halloween for one community.
Praying House by House
Prayer walks can be a powerful evangelism tool for cell groups.
Prayer Walking
I wanted to drop a few pounds; I also wanted to pray for my neighbors.
Six Ways to Serve Your Community
Is your group looking for creative way to serve your community?
Be a Friend of Sinners
The front door of the church is the front door of every person's home.
How Cell Groups Rescued My Youth Ministry
Our ministry wasn't going well, the group was unhealthy and the students weren't connecting. Then, I tried cell groups.
Why Small Groups for Youth?
Teenagers are facing immense pressure; small groups can help.
Small Groups Led by Youth
How we started small groups for our youth, led by our youth
Displaying 1 – 20 of 69 Matches
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