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Where's the Youth Group?
We had to undergo transition as people decided a cell church wasn't really what they thought it would be.
Intergenerational Teamwork
A father-daughter team worked together to reach the local youth, with lasting results.
Small Groups: Where Teens Belong
How to start and maintain a small group ministry for teens
What It's Like to Be 16
Don't let yourself forget what it's like to be sixteen.
Dormant Volcanoes
Our children are dormant volcanoes, ready to erupt for God!
Intergenerational Cell Groups
Every child can live a full Christian life.
Child-Friendly Small Groups
I realized that children had not been welcome in our midst, and therefore Jesus had not been welcome either.
Adventures in Babysitting
Should our church hire a babysitter for our small group nights?
More Adventures in Babysitting
We're the only couple with children, and we can't afford a babysitter every week.
Small Groups, Small Children, Big Concern
Take this quiz to help you decide about child-care options.
Kids in Groups: No Problem!
One of the biggest areas of contention in small group ministry can be how to handle childcare.
The Gift of Hospitality
Top 10 ways you know your group's host/hostess doesn't REALLY have the gift of hospitality.
Overcoming Excuses
It's hard for people to believe we want them in heaven if we don't want them in our living room.
Making Sense in Study
Pay attention to the five senses when preparing your home for a small group meeting.
Open Home, Open Hearts
By providing a comfortable atmosphere where Christianity is lived out and where non-Christians feel at ease, homes can be great tools for bringing people to Christ.
Small Group Atmosphere
Atmosphere is important to aiding interaction in a small group.
Spread the Wealth!
A leader doesn't have to take on all of the ministry roles in a small group.
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Ask these questions about your group to determine if it may be time to split-up, bring in new people, or focus on a new purpose.
How You Can Multiply your Small Group
Birthing a new small group can be exciting; it can also be painful.
The Law of Multiplication
Programs do not make disciples; disciples make disciples.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 69 Matches
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