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The Small-Group Life Cycle
Small-group cycles are much like the stages of life.
Stages of Development in a Small Group
An overview of the stages a small group goes through.
From First Date to Potential Mate
Understanding the life cycle of your small group.
Please Leave
Top 10 ways to get kicked out of your group!
A Road Map to Men's Group Success
How a covenant can help your men's group survive.
Dealing with Conflict Among Members
Two of your members have a long-standing conflict; what do you do?
Breaking through Small Group Plateaus: The 20% Plateau
How church structure can limit the success of your small group ministry.
What's the age limit for small group participation?
Make inclusion of older adults an intentional part of your small group planning and implementation.
Good Old Summertime for Your Group
Some ideas to keep your group going over the summer months.
Getting Together and Going Away
Some ideas and suggestions for short summer retreats with your group.
Come and See
The VBS Jamboree gave us a chance to share the gospel with both the kids and their parents.
Summer Jamboree and Bible study
How to plan a VBS Jamboree and follow-up Bible study group.
Claude Cult—The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Yes, there are people who come to small groups just to lead the flock away; here's what you do if they show up in your group.
Building Accountability
A list of suggestions to build accountability in your small group.
Keeping Our Promises Together
How one church started a Promise Keepers accountability group.
Accountability Time
Since we're on the topic of accountability, let me be honest with what's happening at SmallGroups.com.
Building Groups or Making Disciples? Part 3
Models for intentional discipleship in a small groups church, focusing on open group membership coupled with one-on-one mentoring.
Removing Our Masks Through Confession in Groups
We often feel like we have to be perfect, even in small groups; confession may be the answer to removing our masks.
Vulnerability: Leaders Set the Pace!
If you want your small group to go to the next level, you have to lead the way.
How to Help Group Members Embrace Intimacy
If you go slowly, intimacy will happen naturally.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 56 Matches
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