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Back to Basics
The next time you have an underwhelming small group study time, ask yourself these ten questions.
Teaching in the Cell
What "teaching" means, and what it looks like.
Teaching by Example
Your example can show others real Christianity at work.
Teaching Styles to Avoid
To be effective teachers, we need to capitalize on our strengths and minimize our weaknesses.
Bible Study or Relationships?
What's the purpose of a small group: Bible study, or relationships?
When Everyone Leads
Sometimes small groups choose to share the role of Bible study leader, with a different person leading each week. This has both advantages and disadvantages.
Worst Refreshment Ideas
Top 10 worst items to have for refreshments.
Obstacles to Leadership
Every leader has doubts, but here's what the Bible has to say to counter them.
Recovenanting: Secret to Small Group Health
Among small groups, it's essential to talk about group needs.
Signs of the Struggle
Even faithful members of a small group struggle with sin.
Handling The Holidays
Options for small group time over the busy holiday season.
Top 10 worst ways to celebrate Halloween.
Six Reasons American Small-Group Ministries Fail
Most American small-group ministries have not done as well as they have in places like Korea. Why?
Twelve Principles of Cell-Celebration Churches
Principles that will help small groups thrive in your church.
Balancing the Meeting Time
Managing your group's meeting time can be one of the harder aspects of leading; here are some tips to help you.
Breaking through Small Group Plateaus: The 50 Percent Plateau
How church structure can limit the success of your small group ministry.
Over the Edge
Top 10 signs your leader has gone over the edge.
Extra Grace Required
Groups can take a lot of work—what to do when you're just plain burnt out.
Ideas for Shepherding a Group
Easy ways to encourage and uplift your group.
Group Life Cycle Models: A Comparison
The life cycle of small groups has been studied by a variety of researchers, both secular and religious, for several decades. Here are some of the models they've come up with.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 56 Matches
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