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Dynamic and Not-So-Dynamic Meetings

How environmental distractions can ruin your small-group time.

Identifying Leaders in Groups

Questions to ask that'll help you find the natural leaders.

The Quest for Great Discussion Questions

Why is asking good questions important to a Small-Group Leader?

Questionable Questions Quiz

Take a look at these questions, and see how they could be improved.


How to make the study of body language work for you.

What Does This Verse Mean to You?

A better way to phrase this common question

Polly Prayerless: The Person Who Won't Pray Aloud

How to make your members feel comfortable praying out loud.

Could You Be a Small-Group Leader?

Test yourself to see if you have the attributes.

Relationships: What It's All About

You can't lead if you don't know your group.

Four Traits of Good Leaders

Small group members listed what's most important to them.

Biblical Models and Standards of Leadership

Use the Bible to help identify leadership in your church.

Roles People Play

The principle of synergy can work for your group.

Attributes of a Small-Group Leader

When you're launching small groups in your church, what should you look for in a leader?

Quentin Quiet: The Silent Individual

How to pull him out of his shell.
Displaying 61 – 74 of 74 11 Matches
Page:23 4

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