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Griselda Gossip—The Person Who Just Can't Keep it to Herself
She's not doing it maliciously, but her gossip is destroying the group.
Fellowship: Five Ways to Help Your Group Jell
People need a place where they belong.
Community Building Ideas
Ten ideas for building deeper community in your group.
Making Your Group Better
Can't seem to find the right group? Maybe you're what's missing.
How Small Groups Build Community
Fellowship does happen when we come face to face with one another—and with God
Hosting with Excellence
Five tips for hosting a small group meeting.
Worst Icebreakers
Please, don't try this at home.
Arthur Argumentative—The Argumentative Person
How can you deal with someone who steps over the line from discussion to argument?
What is Success For a Home Group?
Five key evaluation questions to ask at the end of a home group meeting.
Evaluation for Small-Group Leaders
We can only become a better and stronger church as our cell leaders increase their abilities to shepherd.
The Value of Reports
In your journey to become a cell group, it's helpful to measure the steps you've taken.
Dancing With Dinosaurs
Change, or die.
Top Ten: You've Lost Control!
Top 10 signs the leader has lost control of a meeting.
What Not to Do
Top 10 things a leader should not be doing 10 minutes before a meeting!
Covenants? Yes and No
The positives, and negatives, of covenants in small groups.
Clancy Cliché—The Person Who Uses Jargon
How to draw a specific answer out of someone who's fluent in Christianese.
What is the Value of Group Covenants?
We asked a small group of small group experts; here are their responses.
How Not to Start a Small Group Ministry
How small groups started in a church that had decided they "wouldn't work there."
No matter how chaotic things may seem at the time, multiplication is all for the greater good of the kingdom of God.
Fun with the Newsletter
Top 10 titles using the words cell or small in your church newsletter!
Displaying 1 – 20 of 74 Matches
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