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Starting Right
Sometimes in the process of planning a new group, we forget the most important element: prayer.
Restart With a Bang
It's hard to get going after the summer "break." Here's how to rev up your post-summer ministry.
Willy Wrong—The Person Who Doesn't Understand
How can you help Willy correct his thinking without embarassing him?
Don't Call It That!
Top 10 worst titles for a small group study guide!
Serving—As Each Part Does its Work
How to avoid your group becoming a one-man show.
Emphasize Service in Your Group
Demonstrate the love of Jesus through service.
Prescriptions for a Healthy Group
Is your group at a health risk?
Successful Home Cell Groups
An oldie, but a goodie, about the cell group movement.
Reasonable Service
What one small group is doing on its summer vacation.
Service: A Matter of Focus for Groups
It is important to give expression of your faith and heart for God by serving.
Meta, Model, or Martyr?
The most often overlooked step in starting small groups in a church is preparation; here are three models to help you prepare.
Yolanda Yawner—The Bored Person
How do you approach the person who's obviously bored?
Choosing Curriculum for Small Groups
How to choose the right study guide for your group.
Some Questions Before Deciding
Things to consider before choosing a Bible study with your group.
Peter Problem—The Emotionally Disturbed Person
How to handle a member with clinical emotional or psychological difficulty.
Hanging Out
Ideas for getting together outside of group time.
Community Blitzing
Create community quickly within your group.
How to Motivate Leaders
Training is essential; here's how to get your leaders to come.
Donna Dogmatic—The Legalistic Person
How can you offer constructive criticism to the person who's always right?
Finding the Time to Be a Leader
In today's busy world, how do you get leaders to make time for leadership?
Displaying 21 – 40 of 74 Matches
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