Successful Short-Term Groups

Successful Short-Term Groups

Whether you're doing a campaign or trying out some specialty groups, use this resource to make them successful.

It seems that sometimes small-group pastors and directors get into a screaming match:

"Short-term groups!"

"No! Long-term groups!"

But the truth is that both are beneficial, and even a ministry that is committed to having only long-term groups can benefit from having some short-term groups. Short-term groups can give people a taste of small-group life, help people get their feet wet, and address real felt needs that long-term groups can't always meet. Discover how you can incorporate successful, meaningful short-term groups into your small-group ministry with this resource.

For a sample from this resource, read Connect People into Meaningful Short-Term Groups.

Leader's Guide

Doing the Prep Work

Why You Should Offer Short-Term Groups
The opportunities, challenges, and types
By Alan Danielson

Leverage Existing Relationships
Tips for turning short-term programs into long-term communities
By Carolyn Taketa

Connect People into Meaningful Short-Term Groups
Benefits of short-term groups and how to get the word out
By Mark Ingmire

Recruiting Small-Group Leaders
Helpful and practical tips for finding great leaders for your groups
By Mark Ingmire

Recruiting New Small-Group Members
Four steps your church needs to take
By Rick Howerton

Starting the Groups

Realistic Expectations for Short-Term Groups
Don't expect too much or too little.
By Mark Ingmire

Lead a Strong First Meeting
Don't miss setting the tone on the first night.
By Pat J. Sikora

Lead a Successful Group
Key reminders for short-term groups
By Amy Jackson

Principles of Group Closure
Good endings can make for good beginnings in the future.
By Randall S. Brenton


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