Engage Your Community

Engage Your Community

Discover the real needs of your community, and make a plan that fits your group.

More than simply collecting clothes, food, or money, many small groups are eager to engage their communities in meaningful, Christlike ways. But even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to make a plan for real community engagement. Lean on the wisdom and experience of the people who have contributed to this resource. You'll discover how to get to know the real needs in your community and make a plan for engagement that actually fits your group.

What does it mean to truly love the people in our communities and engage them in meaningful ways? You'll learn what missional engagement is all about. Then you'll research your community, leverage your passions, and discover how to make a plan that fits your group. Plus, we've included great stories of other groups engaging their communities to inspire you.

Note: For a sample from this training tool, read "Meet People Where They Are."


Why Small Groups Need to Be On Mission
How mission affects discipleship
Alan Danielson

How to Engage

Loving Your Neighbor
What impact is your small group having on your local community?
Matt Graybill

Partner with God
How to embody Christ where you are
Scott Boren

How to Engage Your Community
Ideas and cautions for missional engagement
Carter Moss

Strategic Engagement
Be thoughtful from start to finish.
Keri Wyatt Kent

Do Your Research
Act like a missionary to get to know your community.
Amy Jackson

Leverage Your Passions
How to choose an activity your group will want to do
Will Johnston

Make a Plan
Discover how you're uniquely equipped for community engagement.
Amy Jackson

Ideas to Inspire

Let God's Love Overflow
Small groups can serve the community in unique ways.
Peri Gilbert

Care for Newcomers
Encourage your group members to boldly get involved in the life of another person.
Sue Skalicky

Meet People Where They Are
Move your small group to a non-traditional meeting place.
Peri Gilbert

Engage Tough Community Conversations
How one church is engaging racial reconciliation
Amy Jackson

Engage the Community Through Prayer
How to pray for, in, and with your community
Andrew Wheeler


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