Effectively Communicate About Your Ministry

Effectively Communicate About Your Ministry

Everything you need to get the word out about your small-group ministry

One of the biggest challenges for small-group directors is communicating about small-group ministry in an effective, compelling way. This Small Group Essentials Training Tool gives you everything you need to learn how to communicate to your fellow staff members, coaches, leaders, and congregation as a whole. Communicating well is the key to moving your church members into healthy small groups. Use the materials to train yourself, train a new or apprentice director, or train your key ministry leaders. The Get Started Guide shows you exactly how to maximize the comprehensive training included in this resource.

Making a Case for Small Groups
Small-group ministry point people have the important job of explaining what small groups are and why they matter. And sometimes that job is a lot harder than expected. We'll encourage you to keep at it and we'll give you practical tips for communicating well about small groups. Remind yourself why small groups are important and form a strategy for helping others catch that vision.

Improving Communication for Effective Small-Group Ministry
One of the most common topics among church staff is communication. Unfortunately, you may spend more time talking about fixing miscommunication than proactively working on communicating well. It's just too easy for communication to go wrong. And yet, the effectiveness of small-group ministry largely depends on how well we're communicating. From communicating about values and vision to letting people know how to sign up for groups, we'll help you communicate more effectively.

Market Your Small-Group Ministry
Whether you're just starting your ministry, relaunching it, or simply continuing a healthy ministry, small-group point people need an intentional strategy for marketing the small-group ministry. Experts like Steve Gladen, Mike Mack, Carter Moss, Will Johnston, and Ben Reed have contributed, sharing the wisdom they've gained from leading small-group ministries. Learn how to develop a marketing plan, communicate effectively, keep small groups in front of your congregation regularly, and pull off a successful campaign.

Social Media for Small-Group Ministry
Through social media, news, opinions, and stories are passed more quickly than ever—and further around the globe. It has become an amazing way to connect, inform, and mobilize people. And the church—and your ministry—shouldn't miss out. We'll give you practical tips on using social media. Learn from others' successes, consider how to use social media in a God-honoring way, and gain step-by-step instructions on basic functions of Facebook and Twitter. You'll be inspired to use social media to enhance your ministry and make it stronger.

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

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