Market Your Small-Group Ministry

Market Your Small-Group Ministry

Communicate about small groups in a clear, compelling way that draws people into groups.

Whether you're just starting your ministry, relaunching it, or simply continuing a healthy ministry, small-group point people need an intentional strategy for marketing the small-group ministry. Experts like Steve Gladen, Mike Mack, Carter Moss, Will Johnston, and Ben Reed have contributed to this incredible resource, sharing the wisdom they've gained from leading small-group ministries. Learn how to develop a marketing plan, communicate effectively, keep small groups in front of your congregation regularly, and pull off a successful campaign.

Note: For a sample from this resource, read Effective Marketing for Small-Group Ministry.

Leader's Guide

Create a Plan

Build Your Small-Group Marketing Strategy
Make an intentional plan.
By Michael C. Mack

Effective Marketing for Small-Group Ministry
Four ways to get more people into small groups
By Carter Moss

Seven Tips for Marketing Well
How to keep small groups in front of your congregation
By Trevor Lee

The Right Technology Options for Your Church
Market your church through these helpful online tools.
By Lauren Hunter

Plan a Successful All-Church Campaign
Focus on the benefits and work through the challenges.
By Bill Search

Implement Your Plan

Create a Small-Group Culture
Communicate the importance of small groups through stories.
By Will Johnston

Communicating So People Hear You
Five ways to keep communication fresh
By Ben Reed

Twelve Tips for a Successful Church-Wide Campaign
A step-by-step guide from a campaign expert
By Steve Gladen

Promoting Small Groups Through Visual Media
It can be done with less effort than you think.
By Rick Lowry


Total number of pages - 27 pages

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies for use in your local church.


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